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The Public Health Data Standards Consortium (The Consortium) is a non-profit membership based organization of federal, state and local health agencies; professional associations; academia; public and private sector organizations; international members; and individuals.

Our goal is to empower the healthcare and public health communities with health information technology standards to improve individual and community health.

In 1998, the founding members of this organization first recognized a need for an organized common voice from public health in the national healthcare standardization efforts. The Consortium became a not-for-profit organization in July 2003.

Towards Public Health Sector Transformation and Unity
PHDSC Strategic Plan 2012-2014

The PHDSC has released its new Strategic Plan for 2012-14. This Strategic Plan supports the healthcare transformation in the United Stated from today's disease-based model to a health-based model of care (committed to continuous learning from data generated in the course of practice, known as an integrated learning health system. PHDSC can play catalyst role in enabling this transformation. To this effect, the Consortium's Strategic Plan laid out the following goals: (a) stimulate the migration of clinical public health operations from a disease-based to HBM/LHS in partnership with like-minded stakeholders; (b) facilitate alignment of information systems capabilities with public health business needs; and (c) enable interoperability of information systems within the healthcare-public health-population health enterprise. The PHDSC has adopted three strategic initiatives to pursue between 2012-2014:

Unify Public Health in Support of a Health-based Model/Learning Health System:
  • Unify Public Health Information Systems
  • Align/Integrate Public Health with Other Sectors in Healthcare, Including Administrative Data Systems

The Strategic Plan provides the direction to develop specific annual tactical and operational plans for the next three years to facilitate healthcare transformation in the United States. We invite interested parties to join the Consortium to participate in these efforts.

PHDSC Strategic Plan 2012-2014
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