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Consortium membership is open to any organization or individual interested in healthcare and population health information standardization.

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Contributing Member Dues General Member Dues
Federal Agencies $10,000 $1,000
State and Local Government Agencies $2,500 $1,000
Professional Membership Organizations
(i.e., National Associations)
$2,500 $1,000
Other Professional Organizations
(i.e., Regional Consortia, RHIOs) and Non-Profit Organizations
$2,500 $1,000
Academic Institutions $2,500 $1,000
For-Profit Organizations with Annual Healthcare Revenues
over $25M $25,000
over $10M - $25M $10,000
over $5M - $10M $5,000
over $2.5M - $5M $2,500
under $2.5M $1,000
Individual Members $200