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AHIMA, PHDSC Unite to Strengthen
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WHO Resolution on eHealth Standardization and Interoperability

Newly Updated Gap Assist Tool now includes 4010, 5020, and 6020 ASC X12 Health Care Services Reporting Guide Data Elements

PHDSC / APHL White Paper: Assure Health IT Standards for Public Health

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Welcome to the Public Health
Data Standards Consortium

The Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC, The Consortium) is a national non-profit membership-based organization of federal, state, and local health agencies; professional associations, academia; public and private sector organizations; international members; and individuals. Its goal is to empower the healthcare and public health communities with health information technology standards to improve individual and community health.

The Consortium is committed to bringing a common voice from the public health community to the national efforts of standardization of health information for healthcare and population health.

To fulfill this commitment the Consortium:

•Identifies priorities for the new national standards for population health;

•Promotes the integration of health-related data systems to meet the health data needs of public and private organizations, agencies and individuals;

•Participates in national and international efforts on the standardization of health-related information;

•Represents public health interests in standards development organizations, data content committees & standards harmonization entities; and

•Educates the public health community about health information technology standards and the health information technology community about public health.